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                Recruitment: Reducer Design Engineer

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                Job responsibilities:
                1. Responsible for design and demonstration of transmission system scheme;
                Responsible for transmission assembly process and technical documents;
                3. Be responsible for the coordinated solution of assembly quality problems;
                4. Responsible for supplier technical management and technical support;
                5. Responsible for technology docking and new product development of main engine plant;
                Cooperate with internal and other departments to carry out relevant management work.
                Job requirements:
                1. Strong theoretical knowledge of transmission system;
                2. Ability of tolerance design and tolerance analysis;
                3. Have a certain technological basis for transmission parts;
                4. Experience in fixture and measuring tool design;
                Skillful application of relevant two-dimensional and three-dimensional design software, with a certain level of CAE modeling and analysis capabilities such as Ta or Romax is preferred.
                Bachelor degree or above, majoring in machinery, three years of relevant work experience.
                Salary: Negotiation
                Gender and age: male under 45 years old
                Working life: more than 3 years
                Nature of work: full-time
                Company benefits: improve all social insurance, provide on-duty working meals, provide one room and one hall complete apartment housing.
                Recruitment mailbox: cq_rtsy@163.com
                Contact number: 15023275347 Mr. Wang
                Company Address: Building 60 A, Longqing Road, Qingba Street, Bishan District, Chongqing.