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                TEL:+86-23-64345444  +86-23-64305445
                ADDRESS:No. 60 Longqing Road, Qingba Street, Bishan, Chongqing (Bishan High-tech Zone)


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                Basic situation of the company
                Establishment date: June 2004
                Registered capital: 70 million yuan
                Corporate Nature: Private Share Companies
                Ownership structure: 82.8% of the management team and 17.2% of the employees.
                Main Business: Aluminum Alloy Die Casting and Processing: Automotive Gearbox, Reducer Assembly, Structural Parts, etc.
                Total assets: 400 million yuan
                Number of enterprises: more than 450 people
                Factory site: Bishan National High-tech Zone, Chongqing City, covers an area of 120 mu, and the existing plant area is 47,000 mu.